A case in point was “Hua Mulan

Although this did not completely clear up my confusion, it helped a lot with getting the work done and improving my knowledge where I could. I think overall my documentation could have been a little bit more detailed, however I tried to use it more as notes for myself rather than only an assessment, hence why some things are in great detail, and others that I tended to understand better were a tiny bit more loose. During the module I mainly used blog drafts so that in the weeks that I had little time to focus on this module due to my main course deadlines, I could go back and add bits in at a later date (hence why many of the posts were published much later), this really helped me to understand the work as it gave me more time to reflect upon what I had learnt and enabled me to complete some assignments a little later after I had fully understood the underlying theory and basics of the digital fabrication methods.

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An interesting article from the Daily Mail (Arthurs, 2013)says that 60% of parents snoop on their children emails and Facebook profiles. Whilst the ethics behind this rage on, it highlights a great opportunity. Most parents are viewing their children emails so it means that the email can reach two demographics and if the email can catch the eye of either one of these people, then it will have been a success.

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