A review of the shootings of unarmed people shows

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26, Vice President Pence touted President Trump’s time in office while heavily criticizing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s policies. President Pence touted President Trump’s time in office while criticizing Democratic nominee Joe Biden during the Aug. 26 Republican National Convention.

We don’t think it’s a controversy. We just think that’s the way we do it. Jerry feels strongly about it. A review of the shootings of unarmed people shows that officers were reported to be under physical attack in about 40percent of the cases. The remaining 60percent involved a variety of circumstances, including individuals’ making provocative movements or verbal threats (31percent) or fleeing, or being shot unintentionally or in undetermined circumstances, according to a review of news reports and video of the incidents. The news accounts cited in the Post database are typically summaries based on information provided by police at the time of each event.

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