Another fictitious name used in the sting? I

Marshals answering calls from fugitives replying to the letters, which instructed them to call a number and ask for a Markus Cran (that’s narc spelled backward). Another fictitious name used in the sting? I. Michael Detnaw. When sharing dishes at the tailgate, be sure to keep your food out of the temperature danger zone (40 F 140 F). Keep cold foods on ice and hot foods on a burner or warmer. Never leave food out of the refrigerator over 2 hours, or over 1 hour when it is 90 F or hotter.

However, in this era of profound divisiveness, refraining from specifically attributing a concept and ideology that so very many people believe in by solely giving credit for it to one vs. Many spiritual practices seems problematic. Based on his writings, it is clear that Gerson’s heart is full of love for all people, and perhaps I’ve become overly woke, but at this time in history, I believe we need to strive for maximum inclusiveness in everything we do..

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