CSR 2023 – Fund raising to enable 150 school children to enhance their learning through EDUTEN program

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We are organising a CSR programme to raise fund for 150 school children at Wat Krachaeng School In Ayudthaya for an online Eduten mathematic course for Wat Krachaeng School students from Pratom 1 to Mathayom 3. The teachers will organize the learning schedule for students in each level to participate in the online course at school’s computer room where MTCC donated the computers a few years ago. The teachers have been introduced, trained and tried with their students as a trial session from Eduten. The result shows a great development in mathematic skill of student and teachers can track the understanding and performance of students’ mathematic knowledge.

Eduten is a spin-off of the University of Turku that provides Finland’s most popular digital learning platform Eduten to educational institutions around the world. The Eduten platform received the UNESCO ICT for Education Prize in 2020 and the UNICEF Blue Unicorn Award in 2022. Eduten has proved its worth as a scientifically validated and scalable mathematics platform since 2011 by more than 1.4 million users in Finland and 50+ other countries, including e.g. Estonia, Qatar, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kazakhstan, Japan, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, India, and Mongolia.

Take a look at this short video to find out more about Eduten.

The Eduten mathematic course costs 750 baht per child (account) per year. Therefore we are looking at raising 112,500 Baht or more. You can consider the number of student that you wish to donate. For example you wish to adopt 20 students, so the amount to be transferred to the school is (750 baht x 20 students) = 15,000 baht.

We, at MTCC, would like to invite members to donate to this good and humble cause to help these children improve their learning and hopefully they will be better educated for the future. We don’t feed them fish but we teach them how to catch fish.

Your kind donation will be given certificates of donations by the school and is Tax deductible double the amount of your donation. Hence we will need your proof of payment together with your Name, Email address and your Thai Tax ID when you donate.

Donation A/C Malaysian-Thai Chamber of Commerce

MTCC KBank A/C No; 616-1-02122-7 (Current)

Kasikorn Bank, Naradhiwas Road Branch

Bank swift code: KASITHBK

We will be ending this drive by 20 December 2023.

All your donations will be transferred to the school before end December 2023 where your tax certificates will be used for tax deductions for year 2023.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Khun Siriporn (Muk) at email: admin@mtcc.or.th or +66 (0) 2 108 1842.

We look forward to kind donations