Gurley, who has a history of knee problems, was cut

Williams, 31, has not spoken publicly about the reasons for his holdout, but some have said he is angry at the team’s medical staff and does not trust the organization. He has lost close to $2 million in fines and missed game checks. If he does not return by Week 4, he risks losing the 2018 portion of his signing bonus, which is $1.7 million..

Coffee’s section leader, Sgt. 1st. Class Joshua Sullivan, said Coffee has shown himself to be quiet, humble and “squared away,” one of the biggest compliments one soldier can give another. This one is all about progress. Will youngsters like Dwayne Haskins and Terry McLaurin continue to show growth, and will Urban Meyer show up to watch them again? The Giants will return to rookie Daniel Jones at QB after all but giving Eli Manning an official, emotional goodbye at MetLife Stadium last week. Both teams are in the running for a top two pick..

So here comes McCaffrey, trying to reverse the perception. Fittingly, he became the highest paid running back (on a per season basis) in NFL history during the same offseason in which the Los Angeles Rams waived Todd Gurley II, a former standard bearer. Gurley, who has a history of knee problems, was cut less than two years after he signed a four year, $60 million deal that included $45 million guaranteed..

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“It’s about what’s said here. And more importantly, it’s about our fans, our organization and our locker room, most importantly,” he said. “It’s about what those guys feel in there. 25 back. With only a few receiving weapons in that offense, Buffalo trusts its running backs, and that means Williams has value, McCoy or no McCoy. Howard, David Njoku, Evan Engram, even Gerald Everett and Adam Shaheen and others getting attention.

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