In response, Dean Geoff Garrett apologized for the

In light of the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and the recent and continued collective protests and social awakening across the nation, we cannot let this stand,” the group concluded, before calling for an immediate remedy to the situation.In response, Dean Geoff Garrett apologized for the professor’s use of a “Chinese word that sounds very similar to a vile racial slur in English,” in an email on August 24 obtained by, saying “understandably, this caused great pain and upset among students.””I am deeply saddened by this disturbing episode that has caused such anguish and trauma,” he said.The dean announced that a new instructor would immediately take over instruction for the remainder of the class.Two days later, in an email to members of the USC Marshall Graduate Student Association Executive Board, Patton apologized, explaining that he has taught the course for 10 years and had been given the example by several international students years ago.”The inclusion is part of a deep and sustained effort at inclusion as I have reached out to find and include many international, global, diverse, female, broad and inclusive leadership examples and illustrations to enhance communication and interpersonal skill in our global workplace,” he said.”I have since learned there are regional differences, yet I have always heard and pronounced the word as ‘naaga’ rhyming with ‘dega,'” the professor wrote.He added that the transcript of the session records his pronunciation as “naga” and that his pronunciation of the word comes from time spent in Shanghai.”Given the difference in sounds, accent, context and language, I did not connect this in the moment to any English words and certainly not any racial slur,” he wrote.”Unfortunately messages have circulated that suggest ill intent, extensive previous knowledge, inaccurate events and these are factually inaccurate. Fortunate [sic] we have transcripts, audio, video, tracking of messages and a 25 year record,” he wrote. “I have strived to best prepare students with Global, real world and applied examples and illustrations to make the class content come alive and bring diverse voices, situations and experiences into the classroom.”He said he had received positive feedback on the lesson in years past but accepted blame for failing “to realize all the many different additional ways that a particular example may be heard across audiences members based on their own lived experiences.”In a statement to Campus Reform, USC said Patton “agreed to take a short term pause while we are reviewing to better understand the situation and to take any appropriate next steps.”According to a brief bio on the school’s website, Patton is “an expert in communication, interpersonal and leadership effectiveness” who has received “numerous teaching awards, been ranked as one of the top teaching faculty at USC and helped USC Marshall achieve numerous 1 worldwide rankings for Communication and Leadership skill development.””Professor Patton has extensive international experience, has trained, coached and mentored thousands of leaders worldwide, and created scores of successful leadership programs,” the bio adds.More from USC Communications Professor Placed On Leave after Using Chinese Word That Sounds Like Racial SlurWhy Aren’t College Students Learning Anything?The Cancel Counter: Thousands Sign Petition to Remove Walt Whitman Statue from RutgersYahoo NewsWhy Trump should wait until after the election to announce a COVID 19 vaccineIn recent days, experts have become increasingly convinced and alarmed that President Trump is pushing to cut corners and rush the release of a COVID 19 vaccine before Nov.

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