Is the lack of interest due to the financial

Anyone that has experienced the intense pain of waking up at three am with an inflamed and searing tooth has only one question. Who can I call and when can they fix it? Thankfully there are emergency dentists located in Frisco TX, that are highly trained and capable of quickly and efficiently meeting your needs. Suffering through weeks of pain while waiting to be seen for an office appointment is no longer necessary.

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Alternates that have drawn great interest by me, is the use of pH corrective therapy (Cesium chloride), the oxygenating of the blood, the Budwig diet, and the many herbs reputed to have shown curative properties. The question that need be asked is, “why are the big pharmaceuticals not interested in these discoveries?” The alternates are cheap or fairly cheap, accessible, and that the ground work done for them. Is the lack of interest due to the financial implications of a cheap drug, costing too much to test, to obtain FDA approval? This would seem so, the returns to the coffers must surely be a major decision of Board members, after all is this not why they occupy these positions? PROFIT!.

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