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The prosecutors contend that in taped conversations, Bout did agree to sell as many as 100 tons of weapons to be dropped into Colombia after receiving a $20 million downpayment. The tapes, played in court, have several of the people in the room discussing plans to use the weapons to kill Americans with Bout agreeing with that plan. He was convicted on four charges of conspiracy and could face life in prison when sentencing begins..

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wholesale nba basketball When it first opened in 1949, the 66 Drive In could fit 400 cars. It shuttered in 1985 and briefly served as an auto salvage yard, but was resurrected with the OG neon sign a little over a decade later. Now, it’s one of the few drive ins left on the famous Route 66 (a fact that earned it a spot on the National Register of Historic Places) and is currently showing crowd pleasers like Back to the Future and American Graffiti. wholesale nba basketball

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