Marianna Tolo, Kia Nurse and Kelsey Griffin all came No. 1 objective was to improve from Sochi. We accomplished that, said Anne Merklinger, the CEO of Own The Podium, the organization that targets and funds high performance athletes. We’ve cherished every game we get to play with this group of classy players that leave it all out on the court.”They represent not only themselves but our club with great pride and great class. That showed out there. It’s super exciting to get back to another one.”Awaiting them are the Southside Flyers boosted by the return of Jenna O’Hea, who will host games one and three (if necessary) of the series at Dandenong Stadium on March 1 and 8.Wedged in between will be game two at the AIS Arena on Wednesday, March 4, with Capitals officials banking on a packed house to mirror last summer’s grand final.Marianna Tolo, Kia Nurse and Kelsey Griffin all came up big for the Capitals.

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