MTCC CSR Project Update: Visit to Krachang School



On 30 September 2016, 5 MTCC members (Dr. Khim Boo, K. Supasak, K. Lee Eu San, K. Chompoo and K. Muk) visited the Krachang school to witness first-hand MTCC’s English Lesson Project for the school which MTCC has been contributing THB 10,000 monthly.

We were greeted by the Headmistress K.Sunan and the English Teacher Mr. Volker who gave us a 30-minute brief on the students’ progress and teaching methods.


We then witnessed live teaching lessons from Mr. Volker and we could see that the interaction between the teacher and the students were lively and positive, albeit some students were a bit shy. However, the turnout of students on that day was less than normal days due to it being the final day of school term and some of the students’ houses were flooded because of heavy rainfall the previous night.


MTCC members then took the opportunity to address the students and motivated them on the virtues of being able to communicate in English. MTCC then presented the school with sports equipment, school stationeries and medical supplies worth THB 10,748.

In parting, we requested the school to keep MTCC updated on the flood situation and to request assistance from MTCC should the condition worsens.