Once a month, it was Mom’s card club, sometimes it

The best seem to be sublingual tablets, which are dissolved under the tongue. Sometimes a very small dose is quite effective. You can try less than 1 mg, as little as.25 or.3 mg. Once a month, it was Mom’s card club, sometimes it was a birthday celebration, sometimes it was the church ladies, or a coffee for neighbors. For example, a luncheon would be served on card tables that were covered with embroidered cloths, and cloth napkins. An informal lunch could be served on Mom’s set of Fiestaware dishes, but many of her serving pieces were hammered aluminum.

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Potential fare increase would add to the burden for riders of fares that RPA said are among the highest in the nation now. MTA base subway and bus fare would need to increase to $9 from $2.75. Fares would have to rise at a comparable level on NJ Transit and PATH, the RPA said..

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