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Harmony Wealth Co., Ltd.

Nature of Business: Health & Medical

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Mr. Por Jin How

Director of International Product Development

About Us

Harmony Wealth Co., Ltd. operating as Harmony Life Center, is a leader in the realm of holistic healthcare solutions. Our emphasis on personalized, customized treatments sets us apart in the rapidly expanding field of wellness and well-being lifestyle. From our base in Central World Bangkok, the largest Lifestyle Shopping Mall Complex in Thailand, we aspire to become a beacon of innovative and regenerative treatments throughout the
Asia-Pacific region.

At the heart of our offerings is our Anti-Aging Medicine division, which forms the cornerstone of our center. We leverage cutting-edge technology for the early detection, prevention, and reversal of age-related conditions, with a mission to extend our clients’ healthy lifespans. Through the amalgamation of scientific rigor and clinical expertise, we deliver personalized treatments designed to promote vitality and longevity.

Supplementing our Anti-Aging specialism, we offer a comprehensive Weight Management Program. Developed in partnership with Slim Up Center, this program combines nutritional advice, fitness plans, and lifestyle modifications, custom-tailored to each individual’s health profile and goals. Our focus extends beyond simple weight loss to encompass overall wellness and sustainable health improvements.

Our service suite is rounded off with our Aesthetic Medicine services. Utilizing advanced technology, we offer a wide range of facial treatments addressing a broad spectrum of skin concerns. We aim to enhance our clients’ natural beauty and confidence with tangible, sustainable results.

Underpinning our personalized approach is our extensive in-house laboratory services. From Hematology and Biochemistry to advanced Genetic Testing, we provide comprehensive assessments that form the basis of our individualized treatment plans. These tests ensure we are equipped to address each client’s unique health needs with precision.

At Harmony Wealth Co., Ltd. we pride ourselves on fostering a healthier, more vibrant community by making optimal wellness accessible to all. With Anti-Aging Medicine as the focal point of our diverse and innovative service range, we demonstrate our commitment to being more than a healthcare provider – we are a trusted partner in your journey toward lifelong wellness.