Red Bull told Verstappen, who didn’t look at all

Only thing I probably did learn is we got to get a couple of our guys playing a little better, Nurse said stopping short of naming them. Not really concerned about some of the main guys, but there a couple guys that need to play a little better since the restart and I glad we still have four games to get going and give them that chance. I not worried about their work ethic or their conditioning or some of those things, just need to get them a little more confident, have things go their way a little bit more.

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Cheap Jerseys china The Finn had to drive around nearly an entire lap with his front left tyre deflating before he could make it to the pits, dropping him out of the points.Meanwhile, the team calls came.Red Bull told Verstappen, who didn’t look at all likely to catch Hamilton at that point, to pit for fresh tyres on the penultimate lap of the race and attempt to take the fastest lap point on his final circuit around Cheap Jerseys from china Silverstone. Almost simultaneously, Mercedes told Hamilton over the radio to set the fastest time on the final lap.READ British Grand Prix: Team by team analysisAs the last lap began, Hamilton’s front left tyre suffered the same fate as his teammate’s. The six time world champion kept his car, now effectively on three wheels and with the front wing throwing off sparks, on the track for the final few corners to win his seventh British Grand Prix ahead of a surging Verstappen.Hamilton had begun the last lap more than half a minute ahead of Verstappen.But the two Mercedes drivers and Verstappen were not the only ones to suffer tyre troubles Cheap Jerseys china.

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