Stuart described his team performance in their 22 6

What the LDA and ACTPLA should have done before the site was sold, was sit down and workshop with interested citizens how they could create the potential for new communities in the heart of Canberra, communities that could put down roots in an attractive set of interconnected places, some public and some private, linked with neighbouring suburbs. Yes, I am being idealistic and the money might not flow back so quickly into the territory coffers. But such public participation might have prevented the excesses that frequently blight other cities and averted this massive bland architectural contribution to the “soullessness” that Canberra is accused of.

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canada goose black friday sale Despite the most recent national data showing ACT patients waited double national median wait time, the spokeswoman said it showed wait times were only “marginally higher” than other jurisdictions. “There are a number of other variables to consider like: hospital availability per capita, population sizes, demographics, principal diagnosis for mental health presentations and other treatment options available for the mental health presentation category,” she said. “In addition, the hospital has experienced a much higher number of mental health presentations and this has put sustained pressure and demand on acute mental health services canada goose black friday sale.

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