The Scribe Station is part of a new initiative to

The images are harmful, not just because they misrepresent Native people and paint us in stereotypical ways, but there actual empirical research that shows these images are harmful to Native youth. Stephanie Fryberg, who is an incredible scholar, did the first empirical study on the psychological consequences of professional sports teams using American Indian mascots and looked at the ways that being exposed to the images affected self esteem and community worth and a few other measures for Native youth. And in those circumstances, even for images that we deem as images, such as Pocahontas, measures of self esteem still go markedly down.

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cheap nfl jerseys Bound volumes are always difficult to scan. Luckily, we got some extra help from the State Library of Pennsylvania, which loaned us their brand new table top Scribe Station for the weekend. The Scribe Station is part of a new initiative to support the digitization of important cultural heritage materials in the state of Pennsylvania, and we were the first to sign up! We also used the Library flatbed scanners to digitize the loose correspondence.. cheap nfl jerseys

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Green Bay PackersWeek 7 Sunday, October 25 at Las Vegas Raiders (Sunday Night Football)Week 8 Monday, November 2 at New York Giants (Monday Night Football)Week 9 Sunday, November 8 vs. New Orleans Saints (Sunday Night Football)Week 10 Sunday, November 15 at Carolina PanthersWeek 11 Monday, November 23 vs. Los Angeles Rams (Monday Night Football)Week 12 Sunday, November 29 vs.

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