Unfortunately, Anthony doesn’t like the fact that

Beethoven’s hearing loss did not prevent him from composing music, but it made playing at concerts a lucrative source of income increasingly difficult. After a failed attempt in 1811 to perform his own Piano Concerto No.5, he never performed in public again until he conducted the Ninth Symphony in 1824. Around 1814 however, by the age of 44, Beethoven was almost totally deaf, and when a group of visitors saw him play a loud arpeggio of thundering bass notes at his piano remarking, “Ist es nicht schn?” (Is it not beautiful?), they felt deep sympathy considering his courage and sense of humor (he lost the ability to hear higher frequencies first)..

After hearing the recent developments, it almost makes my article feel slightly. Irrelevant. It was a few days back they mentioned they don’t need anymore money but continue to raise the awareness of Kony. She was a social worker before and was forced to work abroad as a domestic helper in high hopes of bringing a brighter future for her family. She also had a short stint as peasant organizer in Dole plantations in Mindanao. She worked abroad twice, and both times, she was lucky to have good employers, unlike many other OFWs.

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