You’ll notice a huge difference in the sound of the We just had some big lottery winners. The reward for winning is great. But people seem to want to play only when the stakes are very high. He explained his reasoning in a 14 page decision. While the case involves allegations of harm done to protesters by law enforcement, he wrote, the plaintiff is not a protester. Beyond that, the state is not seeking redress for past harm done to protesters but rather an injunction against future conduct, which he called “an extraordinary form of relief.”.

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DIY MASKS Let us be clear: wear a mask! But just because you have to wear one doesn’t mean it has to be boring or uncomfortable. Since the start of the pandemic, finding the perfect mask has been the perpetual struggle. Sometimes you just can’t find one you like: the fabric is itchy, it doesn’t fit your face quite right, or the design isn’t your taste.

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Why would a person even want to have that association in the first place? When I had extreme anxiety I wanted one thing. I wanted to get rid of those feelings and live a normal life. Constant discussion about a disorder only reinforces it in the mind, it does not make it go away..

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