Cerone carried his strong play into the classroom

Well, believe it or not, in North America the overall consumption of ice cream over the last few years has actually declined, bucking the trend of increasing consumption in all other major regions of the world. There are no doubt a number of factors that can help explain this decline in consumption but it is widely believed that growing awareness of the obesity problem and its related health concerns are driving some of the decline. Of course your typical ice cream comes loaded with sugar and fat, two leading contributors of the obesity problem..

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https://www.newjerseysbuy.com wholesale nba jerseys 6 in the country in the season’s final poll.As a junior in 1974, Cerone led the Pirates in doubles (8), home runs (7), total bases (74) and slugging percentage (.536). At the time of his graduation, Cerone held records for career doubles (27), most home runs in a season (15), most career home runs (26), slugging percentage (.779) and RBI in season (64). He still ranks in the top 10 in Seton Hall history in career batting average and home runs.Cerone carried his strong play into the classroom always an emphasis under legendary head coach Mike Sheppard, Sr.

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