McLaurin likened it to being with Redskins teammate

McLaurin also went to Florida, where he worked out with, among others, New York Jets running back Frank Gore, who has 15,347 rushing yards over 15 seasons and seems unwilling to stop despite being 37. McLaurin likened it to being with Redskins teammate Adrian Peterson, another running back in his mid 30s who takes a similar, relentless approach to the offseason. McLaurin was proud when Gore asked him to come back, taking the invitation as a sign that he had earned Gore’s respect..

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Barr had a plan. This was the era of “The Naked Gun” and “Major League,” when mocking ballplayers for their nasty habits became comedy gold. She says that some of the Padres suggested, pre performance, that she punctuate her Anthem with the grab. As Andrew Brandt, the Packers’ former vice president of player finance and general counsel, points out: “Good luck with that. Players with hangnails are put on IR this time of year.”There’s another reason that this is all much ado about very little. The NFL has to approve these moves and it clearly did so when the Packers submitted the move last week.

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