The Crimson Tide doesn’t play music during practice

Rev. Brendan G. Father Lally is a spiritual director at the Pontifical North American College, the seminary in Rome for Americans preparing for the Catholic diocesan priesthood. Contrast that minutiae with some of the real life questions Wirfs took in his 15 minutes at podium 1 and you see how these interviews can whiplash around. He went from lite tolife growing up with a single mom, starting with the trailer court in Mount Vernon and how quickly he wants to take care of his family. It also wasn an automatic slam dunk on the decision to make the leap to the NFL.

The expectations, the schedules, the nuances they all stay the same, whether Alabama is preparing to play The Citadel or Auburn. The Crimson Tide doesn’t play music during practice. Wide receiver Jerry Jeudy said practice feels like a game; in high school, it felt like, well, practice.

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