You have got to look at goals they score away from

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nba cheap jerseys All 20 Premier League clubs stances on top flight return ahead of planned June restartLiverpool record appearance holder Callaghan, 78, joined his two colleagues before lockdown to study the form book, statistics and their own gut feelings to see how the rest of the season mapped out.You can see the table shows Liverpool enjoyed a record breaking campaign, they had Jurgen Klopp’s men down to draw just one more game at Manchester City while United carried on their winning streak.And, sadly, Norwich, Villa and Bournemouth were already down before the final game.They have got Sunday’s results at the ready and the Football Pools is now just about the only place where you can have a bet on results.How the Football Pools reckoned the table would lookCallaghan, who has been on the panel for more than two years, said: “We are presented with stats, recent results, you also have tour own feel from watching them, home and away form.”The hardest dilemma is when you have two teams which are fairly equal. You have got to look at goals they score away from home, you take a lot into consideration before you make a decision.”But then the classic example is Liverpool losing at Watford 3 0. Liverpool have had a record breaking season, on course for the league and they’ve been playing brilliantly with Watford fighting relegation.”You look at the stats and everything points to a Liverpool win and yet then you get a 3 0 home win which just shows how unpredictable it can be.”Callaghan goes to every game at Anfield, has a deep love of the game but insists that his own affection for Liverpool never clouds his judgement.”You’ve only got to go on match days and see the amount of ex players who are working around the ground, look at the media, the amount of pundits and it’s just amazing. nba cheap jerseys

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