The most basic of the great vintner Benjamin Romeo

So, of course, we fire you because you’re disgusting. The reason we can do that is because President Donald Trump said so. And don’t say nothin’ about the Supreme Court or equal rights under the law, because none of that is in The Bible. Set WeatherThat much is still clear, as it was immediately after last season, when co owners John Mara and Steve Tisch fired coach Pat Shurmur, while keeping Gettleman.But in an odd way, might this coronavirus impacted NFL season help Gettleman save his job and stick around for Year 4 with the Giants in 2021?Gettleman has a rookie head coach, Joe Judge, and second year quarterback, Daniel Jones, who is learning a new offense. And the enormous issue for both Judge and Jones is that training camps will be almost unrecognizable, because of the virus fewer practices and no preseason games. How much will that limit the Giants, at least to start 2020?Obviously, Gettleman still needs to show progress this season, still needs to hope Jones takes the next step after a promising rookie year.

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